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  • Arcticom and Motorola solutions provide communications solutions ranging from portable and mobile radio sales to dispatch console sales and installation.

  • Arcticom has been involved in providing communications sales and installation of radios and associated communications infrastructure for the US Airforce and US Army in the Alaska region.

  • Arcticom also provides ongoing service and maintenance on communications systems, microwave, data, repeaters, and ancillary equipment.

  • Arcticom technicians are certified on all of the communications equipment that is currently used on the Alaska Land Mobile Radio network that the Department of Defense operates on.

Recent Oil & Gas Project Highlights:

A client located in South Central Alaska was running VHF analog radio systems with multiple repeater pairs spread out over their entire refinery. All of the repeaters, base stations, and associated portable and mobile radio users were reporting back to an old Zetron dispatch console. The analog radio system had some Motorola Solutions equipment that was upgradable to the narrowband FCC mandate, but most of the communications equipment the client employed was not capable of being upgraded.

The client needed a communication solution that would incorporate their analog licensed radio channels, but could also give them the ability to migrate to digital channels within the same backbone and infrastructure. The client happened to be building a new communications center that would be housing a new dispatch center for their communications. This dispatch center utilized the same manufacturer Arcticom is a certified reseller and installation service provider for; Zetron.

Arcticom identified all of the wire circuits that connect all of the base stations and repeaters. Arcticom worked with the electrical supervisor and project manager to compile all of the coverage issues that were occurring within the areas of the refinery. Arcticom brought to the project team a new UHF Motorola MTR3000 repeaters in a combined antenna system to eliminate the intermodulation among repeaters and having a more reliable and efficient system.

Arcticom design and applied the antenna combining system for this specific application to provide the client a stable and efficient system. We utilized 4 MTR3000 repeaters in a single site configuration that serves the whole refinery the proper coverage needed.

This client has been working with our team at Arcticom for over 15 years. We provide repairs of portable and mobile radios they employ, as well as service and management of the repeaters and base stations we have installed on site.

Arcticom’s level of service garners decades long client loyalty. Give us a call to find out more about the services we can provide your organization.