CommandRunner XT™
A Fully-Appointed Incident Command Post

Provides a professional operations desktop, off-the-grid power, night lighting, cellular backhaul (including optional FirstNet® – Band 14), radios, inter-operability, onboard server with an assortment of peripherals including 4 flat-panel monitors and a printer/scanner, Wi-Fi and wired local area network connections. Deployed in minutes at initial dispatch. It can be pulled/pushed, attached to a vehicle, transported by helicopter or aircraft, to virtually any location desired. Able to go inside buildings, elevators, ramps, sidewalks, alleys, parking garages, confined spaces, off-road or on-road at emergency response speeds. It requires only one person to deploy and no lifting of any kind. More info below…

Solutions: Public Safety, Incident Command, Emergency Operations Center, Tactical Dispatch