Recent State & Local Government Projects:

One of Arcticom’s clients is located on a remote stretch of road that runs through Canada in South East Alaska. The City was in need of base stations and repeaters for their police, fire and EMS to communicate in their locations.

Arcticom took a multiple system approach to solve the unique needs of the City. Utilizing both Zetron and Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ systems Arcticom supplied all-encompassing communications solutions for the City’s emergency service needs. By utilizing the Zetron Dispatch Console along with remote location repeaters to reach the whole service area what resulted was a clean and efficient frequency spectrum with full duplex dispatch ability.

The system Arcticom provided included Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), voice paging, multi-channel patch ability, IRR recording, multi-channel transmit ability for all calls, digital recorder, integrated intercoms and door access through the Zetron dispatch console. Arcticom provided redundancy and DC power back-up for the repeater and base stations to ensure system integrity.