FHW50x-black-815x624-347x266 Firecom Headsets      uhw507-black-815x624-347x266 Firecom Headsets             FHW505-black-815x625-347x266 Firecom Headsets
FHW507 Radio Transmit Convertible DECT7 Bluetooth Headset       UHW507 Radio Transmit Under-Helmet DECT7 Bluetooth Wireless Headset.    FHW505  Radio Transmit Convertible DECT7 Headset
UHW505-black-815x624-347x266 Firecom HeadsetsUHW503-black-815x624-347x266 Firecom Headsetsproduct-fh-51-347x291 Firecom Headsets
UHW505 Radio Transmit Under-Helmet DECT7 Wireless Headset          UHW53 Intercom-Only DECT7 Wireless Headset           FH-51PTT radio transmit; over-the-head style
product-uh-51-e1433179063261-347x291 Firecom Headsetsproduct-fh-51s-347x291 Firecom Headsetsuh-51s-hero-347x266 Firecom Headsets
UH-51  Under-helmet wired headset with full-duplex                                  FH-51S Over the Head Single Ear                   UH-51S Under-helmet wired headset with one slotted dome.
intercom and PTT radio transmit.                                                                 Wired Headset with PTT Radio Transmit        Full-duplex intercom and PTT radio transmit.
FH-52-347x266 Firecom Headsetsproduct-uh-52-347x291 Firecom HeadsetsFH-54-815x624-347x266 Firecom Headsets
FH-52   Over-the-head PTT intercom, listen-only radio            UH-52  PTT Intercom / Listen-Only Radio                                     FH-54   Push-on/push-off intercom with listen-only radio.