Opus_Roip_Cupic_800px Integration

RoIP Gateway with Integrated 4G LTE

Extend the reach of your Push To Talk 2 way Radios.  How far?  ANYWHERE there is a 4G LTE cellular signal.  You will be surprised at how affordable it is to increase your coverage area with Enhance Push To Talk (EPTT).  Managers or field personnel that travel out of range of your two way radio network can still remain in touch with EPTT.  Connect VoIP phones, telephone PBX systems, radio dispatch servers and more.  From simple to multi-network with automated switching we can engineer a solution that keeps your teams connected no matter where they travel.



APX8500_Mobile-MP-02RM_Front_500x500 Integration

APX™ 8500 All-Band P25 Mobile Radio. Unlimited Mobility. Maximum Connectivity.

APX 8500 High Power variant delivers up to 100W of transmitter power, for extraordinary reach and coverage. It's ideal for incident commanders who need to coordinate multiple teams across different frequency bands - especially in situations where network infrastructure is unavailable