xn-touchscreen-mobile-172x300 APX NEXT XN FIRE RADIOOPERATE IN UNCHARTED EXTREMES. You’ve seen tough, but not like this. APX NEXT XN takes toughness to a new level, built to the latest fire standards. Newly added software features enhance fireground safety and post incident review. Ruggedness and safety is bolstered with our leading APX audio in both the radio and XVN500 RSM, for the most intelligible audio in any environment. And when you need to go beyond voice, you are ultra connected with LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

EFFORTLESS USABILITY AND VERSATILITY. APX NEXT XN is designed for effortless usability in day-to-day oper

copy_of_apx_next_xn_xvn-300x300 APX NEXT XN FIRE RADIO

ations and when everything is on the line. Oversized intuitive controls are glovable and minimized from accidental activations. When you need more data, the mission-critical touchscreen works in rain, heat, dust and dirt. ViQi understands a range of commands, so you can operate your radio with eyes-up awareness. Every interaction is simple, fast and logical. You stay focused on what matters—your call, your crew, and your safety.

EXPANDABLE INTELLIGENCE FOR TODAY AND BEYOND. The nature of the incidents you call on can change rapidly, just like your needs for new technology. APX NEXT XN offers a secure extensible platform for new capabilities to be added as your needs evolve. Smart applications keep you connected when you go beyond system coverage and put intelligence into yo

ur hands with vital information, from location details to sharing important multimedia for enhanced collaboration with your crew. Because when you need information, you need it fast.

PROVISION AND OPTIMIZE FLEET MANAGEMENT. Behind each of your firefighters stands a team—from technicians to IT staff to network engineers— working to keep them safe. APX NEXT XN gives you back time. With our RadioCentral suite you can keep radios in the field with remote updates and get insights to fleet optimization with radio analytics. A range of device services help manage your operations and help achieve performance targets. With APX NEXT XN, your ownership experience is streamlined, and your firefighters stay focused and ready.