Icom_SAT100-89x300 Iridium Push To Talk
Icom_SAT100M-300x172 Iridium Push To Talk

Satellite Push To Talk with Global Coverage

Icom’s first Satellite PTT handheld radio that uses the Iridium satellite communication network. Unlike satellite phones, the IC-SAT100 will provide radio service to users with a push of the0-650-pelican-1200-small-case-orange-300x300 Iridium Push To Talk transmit (PTT) button. It can be used as a communication tool in remote, isolated areas where there are no mobile phones or landline network infrastructure, such as mountainous areas, remote islands and desert areas. Even if terrestrial network infrastructure is rendered unusable by human or natural disasters, satellite communication can provide a stable backup.

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We offer both rental or purchase of satellite radios that will include charger, extra battery, antenna and waterproof Pelican case.

Satellite Push To Talk with Global Coverage

Iridium is more than just a satellite company. Trusted by more than a million people and organizations to make connections anywhere to anything or anyone, Iridium continues to innovate and enable the technology of the future. Learn more about Iridium at https://www.iridium.com/