Motorola P25 Portable and Mobile Radios

Keep personnel and communities safer with digital P25 radio solutions. Save lives by saving time. Whether you’re a state trooper, firefighter, law enforcement officer or highway maintenance technician, people count on you to get the job done. There’s no room for error. This is mission critical. Arcticom provides Nationwide communications solutions for 135 Federal Government Agencies as well as City, State and Borough Governments. Arcticom supplies its customers with P25 (Project 25) Interoperable Portable and Mobile radios as well as tower and antenna construction. We are experts in rough terrain operations and logistical management.

APX NEXT XN All-Band P25 Smart Radioapx_next_xn.front_34_l_blue-300x300 Motorola™ P25 Portable and Mobile Radios

Outperform the unexpected. APX NEXT XN is NFPA1802 certified to bring unprecedented durability and mobilized intelligence to a firefighter’s lifeline so you can outperform whatever the day throws at you.


APX_NEXT-300x300 Motorola™ P25 Portable and Mobile Radios


APX NEXT™ is our next step in advancing the lifeline. Designed to military standards for extreme ruggedness, the touchscreen works with or without gloves, in rain, dirt, and snow. High Dynamic Range mics and high-power speakers deliver our best audio ever, while SmartConnect keeps you connected beyond your P25 system. The result is a radio that works when you need it, without pause, distraction or doubt.

APX NEXT mission-critical apps bring new intelligence to the field. ViQi enables natural language database queries, rapidly delivering vital information to the front line. And as part of our unique, end-to-end public safety ecosystem, new capabilities can be added seamlessly as your needs evolve.

APX NEXT gives you back time. A cloud-based provisioning system allows radio managers to prepare radios even before they arrive, while remote updating keeps them in the field, with zero touch and zero downtime, and a range of services helps you manage your operation. With APX NEXT, your ownership experience is streamlined, so your valuable resources stay focused and ready. NOTE: APX is not yet supported on the Alaska Land Mobile Radio Network.

apx_8000hxe_detail_541524-300x300 Motorola™ P25 Portable and Mobile RadiosMotorola APX™ 8000 ALL-BAND P25 PORTABLE RADIO

With four RF bands and multi-mode system access, the APX 8000 knows no limits when it comes to interoperability. Whether it’s loud or windy, whether you whisper or yell, the Adaptive Audio Engine and ultra-loud speaker bring clarity into every conversation. With Wi-Fi access, the APX 8000 can quickly receive new codeplugs, firmware and software features in order to redeploy the radio fleet with ease as users keep talking without interruption. Intuitively designed with a familiar look and feel, the compact APX 8000 is always comfortable to use, from your grip to your holster


The APX 8500 all-band mobile radio combines unlimited interoperability, secure Wi-Fi connectivity and purpose-built design, enabling ease of installation and removal. The APX 8500 High Power variant delivers up to 100W of transmitter power, for extraordinary reach and coverage. It’s ideal for incident commanders who need to coordinate multiple teams across different frequency bands – especially in situations where network infrastructure is unavailable.  apx-4500-green-contro-head-transp-300x142 Motorola™ P25 Portable and Mobile Radios


The APX 7000 multi-band P25 portable radio is no longer manufactured. Accessories, software and services may still be available. The suggested replacement product is the APX 8000 all-band P25 portable radio.

If you need service or accessories for this radio, please contact or by phone (907) 276-0023 or complete the contact us form.