Communicate Anywhere

We specialize in out of the box custom solutions.  We have turnkey communication systems and an engineering team that can solve your unique requirements. We are long time Alaskans that fully understand the unique challenges of terrain and environment we face. Let us help you overcome your communication challenges. Big solutions or small, contact us and lets show you the possibilities.

110_0121 Custom

Deployable Repeater System

A self contained repeater system with solar power for trouble free operation.  Provides two way radio communication for miles. Exploration companies, Heli-ski guides, large events.  We can build one to order or rent one for your communications requirements.

Deployable Video Surveilience

A self contained video surveillance system.  5MP Hanwha professional grade camera with varifocal lens, internal heater, external water proof charge port, your choice of router (this kit uses a Sierra Wireless GX 450) Powered with a 36,000Mah LiOn battery this kit will run for over 6 hours.  Connect via 4G LTE and monitor anything.  Optional tripod mount or custom mount.

IMG_20180328_124603 Custom